Belgium – Antwerp (~part 2~)

Antwerp has so many things to do, that a few days’ stay is really not enough. They have charming streets with beautiful architectures and little unique boutiques and shops. They have a really grand shopping centre with astounding and exquisite design on the interior. It makes me feel like a queen when I step into the mall.

I also took some photos at the Antwerp Central Train Station, which has very majestic designs.

There is a sculpture park that is filled with really contemporary and artistic designs. It was snowing when I went there, so everything look really interesting there.

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There is also an underground tunnel that goes under the river. It is supposed to be 200 years old and is it has really majestic escalator that is made of mahogony.

Here’s some pictures of the train station:

After admiring the grandeous train station, I walk along the beautiful streets towards the famous shopping stretch. Here’re some photos of the beautiful street..


This is the escalator to the 200 metres tunnel that goes under the river.

This is the park after you come out of the tunnel

This is the view across the pier from Hetsteen Castle

This is the playground across the pier




























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