Belgium – Antwerp

Antwerp is a very nice town with lotsa nice historical architectures, landmarks, buildings, and beautiful parks. It has a really majestic train station, which my friend say is the most beautiful in the whole of Europe, and I can’t agree more! There is a really contemporary and artistic sculpture park too, which is just next to a large open picturesque park.

For the list of museums and places of interests, you can visit

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This is the city hall building with the Antwerp statue in front of it…

It was the Christmas season, and I was lucky to experience a very joyous and festive Christmas market there

After spending some time at the cityhall, we went to walk around the surroundings

There is a underground museum that is very intriguing at this place. It’s called the De Ruien Museum.

This is the Hetsteen castle

This is inside the Hetsteen castle



This is the pier beside the Hetsteen castle

This is across the road from Hetsteen castle.

This is the sculpture in front of the cathedral





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