San Francisco 2009: day 2 – golden gate bridge

This is Day 2 of San Francisco where me and my friends visited the Golden Gate Bridge and the nearby Sausalito. This is in the summer of 2009 when I went on a work and travel to USA and got a job as a waitress in a countryside resort in south Dakota. It was really fun and nice and after 4 months of work there, me and some friends from the resort went to san Francisco together for 2 weeks… Here’re some photos of day 2,IMG_4769IMG_4770IMG_4771IMG_4776IMG_4779IMG_4782IMG_4783IMG_4785IMG_4786IMG_4788IMG_4789IMG_4790IMG_4791IMG_4795IMG_4796IMG_4798IMG_4801IMG_4802IMG_4803IMG_4804IMG_4807IMG_4808IMG_4810IMG_4811



That’s all for this part of the post on San Francisco: golden gate bridge, please do check out my other travel post too!

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