New Zealand – Picton

Picton is a very small town at the tip of south island. Here there is the Queen Charlotte Track, which is a 4-day track. I did not dare to try the 4-day track as I am a beginner trekker and do not know what to bring or expect to be on the track for 4 straight days. So I took a 1 day track to the part of the track which reach the highest point of a hill. To reach the start of the trek, I took a ferry service from the Picton pier, that costs NZD80. The cost covers the return ferry too, 8am from Picton to the trek, and 530pm from the trek back to picton. I also went on another trip which is a trip to Motuara Island, here’re some photos


After the 1 hour ferry ride to the start of the trek, I started walking the 8 hours trek to the end point at Punga Cove, where the ferry will fetch me back to Picton at 530pm


Finally, I reached Punga Cove at 430pm, with my legs unable to walk any more.


These people are all enjoying a cuppa after their trek too. They reached much earlier than me and I was wondering how they do it, because I’m so tired. The next day, I was supposed to trek another part of Queen Charlotte trek, but the sole of my sports shoes was coming off, and I couldn’t do another 8 hour trek, so I asked the ferry company if I can book a different trip and they recommended me to take the ferry to Motuara Island for a short half an hour walk. It was overcast and I saw a baby bird in a little wooden box, here’re the photos


The next day, I took a walk to the trek that is in the town of Picton. It’s called the Snout trek. I saw a kiwi bird while on the trek. Here’re some photos


On the fourth day, I walked around Picton town, it is a really cute little town with many cute little shops and some that have boutique souvenirs and artistically designed t-shirts.


That’s all for Picton. If you have time, please do see my other posts for the other towns that I visited too.

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