Queenstown to Wellington bus journey (part 5)

I have travelled 10 months in New Zealand, worked 9 months and 1 month travelling around.. It was towards the end of my trip in New Zealand, and I took the bus from Queenstown to Wellington and there were some very nice views along the way. Especially, it is autumn and there were a bit of snow on the mountains and there were snow cap mountains that reflect on the very calm lake. This part of the post is of the bus journey from Christchurch to Picton.. Here’re some photos

We stop at a Cromwell orchard for a toilet stop, and i took some photos of the very nice orchard in the morning mist. I also bought a bag of fruits that has greengages and plums and nectarines, peaches…etcIMG_6635IMG_6636IMG_6637IMG_6638IMG_6639IMG_6640

This photos are of the coastal drive towards the town of Kaikoura


This is the town of Kaikoura, the coastal drive towards this town is very scenic~



That’s all for this part of the post of Queenstown to Wellington bus journey. Please do check out my other posts too~!

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