USA 2009: Badlands National Park (part 2)

This is part 2 of the photos from Badlands park. I went to USA, South Dakota on 4 May 2009 for a “work and travel” programme and I work as a waitress in a countryside resort, Bluebell Lodge, It was near the town Custer. it was a really awesome work experience and it was my first time working as a waitress in a restaurant. I have worked at a fast food restaurant before, but working at a restaurant that has really delicious fancy food is a very enriching experience. It was my first time working at a resort too, where the chefs for the restaurant cook a employee buffet for us, and the employee food is always very delicious. Sometimes, we sample food from the restaurant menu. During my 3rd or 4th month there, me and a girl from Taiwan went to the Badlands national park. She is my roommate too, and she also works in the restaurant, helping to clear plates for the customers. It took 3 hours to drive to there and we have a good drive. It was a really beautiful park with many rock features. It was a 3 hours drive and we it was a good drive.. Here’re some photos.IMG_4379IMG_4378IMG_4377IMG_4376IMG_4375IMG_4374IMG_4373IMG_4372IMG_4371IMG_4370

so blah blah blahIMG_4389IMG_4391IMG_4392IMG_4394IMG_4395IMG_4396IMG_4380IMG_4381IMG_4382IMG_4383IMG_4384IMG_4387


That’s all for this part of Badlands, south dakota~ please do check out my other posts too!

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