New Zealand – Cromwell (cherry picking)

I arrived in Cromwell around the 8th of January, after having stayed in Roxburgh for 3 weeks, picking blueberries and also packing apricots on two of the orchards. A friend gave me a ride to Cromwell and the view of the countryside was beautiful.. I put up at a backpackers’ in Cromwell  I worked at a orchard call Sarita orchard and was very happy I got to work as a cherry harvester. I worked there for 3 days, doing the cherries, then on the next day, I was doing apricots. The orchard was really nice and the sun was really good. After work, when everyone comes back to the hostel, there is many young people basking in the sun on the free grass space within the hostel..



After staying at Sarita orchard for a week, I overhear fellow travellers talking about another orchard and I decided to try applying for a job there so I went there the next morning, and managed to get a job there.. This orchard only have cherry trees but I managed to be able to pick more cherries there


IMG_2904IMG_2896IMG_2897IMG_2907IMG_2899IMG_2908IMG_2900IMG_2909IMG_2902IMG_2906IMG_2898IMG_2905IMG_2888IMG_2903IMG_2889IMG_2890That’s all for this post on cherry picking at Cromwell.. please do see my other posts on other towns I have travelled to 🙂


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