New Zealand – Kaikoura bus journey

        After staying in Blenheim for 2.5 months, I left for Alexandra on 17 October to look for a job in the orchards as I wanted to try working with the fruit trees, having been working on vineyards for 3 months already… I bought the bus ticket and packed all my luggage and took a ride from the hostel owner to the train station to catch the bus. Just as I reached, I saw one of my fellow traveller friends who have worked with me on the second vineyard. Her name is Vicky and she is from Thailand… She was going to take a few days holiday to Omaru to see her friends and also visit penquins… I was lucky to have met her at the train station as I would have company for the bus ride. The bus came and we board the bus and the bus set off to Alexandra. Along the way, we pass through a tourist town Kaikoura where people go whale watching. The highway travels along the coast and the ocean coast view of the trip towards Kaikoura was spectacular… I took some photos and have pasted the photos below…

       When we reach Kaikoura, we took some photos too… The town of Kaikoura is really beautiful and have stunning backdrops of the snowy mountains, gravel beach and crystal blue ocean…

That’s all for Kaikoura bus journey (part 1), do check out Kaikoura bus journey (part 2)… Thank you!

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