New Zealand – Hawkes’ Bay (~working on the vineyards~)

I met a few friends at Tauranga and from there we set off to Hawkes’ Bay to work in a vineyard. We stayed at a homestay and waited a few days as it was raining and we could not work in the vineyards while it is raining. It was my first time working in vineyards and I was slow in understanding how to do the work. It was winter and we have to prune and wrap the vines. Pruning is the shearing off the extra vines and leaving behind only four good vines on the tree, these 4 good vines will then be wrapped on the wire and wait for the buds to grow young shoots when spring comes…

I spent a long time thinking of which 4 good vines to keep, as the supervisor say that we should choose the vines from the branches and not from the main branch because these vines will grow the good grapes…

After pruning the tree, we have to pluck out the extra branches and unchosen vines and throw them onto the grass… These leave behind the 4 good chosen vines…

Then we wrap the 4 good vines around the wires, two on the left and 2 on the right and wait for the buds to grow new shoots when spring comes…

Here’re some photos of us in Hawkes’ bay, we went to the supermarket and to work together…






Here’re some photos of us shopping and cooking… This is the view at dawn from the cold car window, when the water vapour was still frozen…




Here’re some photos of us cooking over at the guy’s house…




Then, we went to the beach…




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