New Zealand – Cromwell (River Trail 2)

Cromwell is a very lovely town with many orchards and vineyards. They also have a old heritage town which they call Cromwell Old Town, and it has a very nice vintage street with vintage buildings and a very nice view of the lake. You can walk to the Old Town from the city centre, just google map it or get a map from the i-site.

Besides going to the Old Town, you can also take a hike on one of the many trails there. I went on the one that is going towards Bannockburn and the view was splendid.

You can also visit the many lovely orchards and vineyards there. Superb for photo-taking!

I was in Cromwell for get a job in picking cherries in their orchards. I got the chance to work in 2 orchards and experience a great time picking cherries and being amongst their beautiful fruit trees every morning till the mid-afternoon when the sun is blaring at us… I have finished my job at my second orchard and was just lazing around the hostel with nothing better to do… We bumped into some friends in the living room while making breakfast and discuss the idea of going for a hike around the Cromwell… We look on the internet for a trail and chose to hike one of the trails towards Bannockburn… The view along the hike was quite tranquil and peaceful. The hike runs along the beautiful glistering river and we see great stretches of vineyards and orchards.





Here’s a rock that shapes like a popcorn that we saw along the trail…!

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