New Zealand – Arthur’s Pass (~Part 2~)

Arthur’s Pass is a very quiet mountainous towns with very tranquil treks that takes you into the mysterious mountains. There are some treks that I went on e.g Billy’s Trek, Nature Trail, Devil’s Plungepool. There is another trek – Avalanche Peak – that is for the advance trekkers.

The town is relatively quiet, with only one restaurant, and one cafe that also acts as the convenience store. Here’re some photos of the town and my hostel


There were some noisy Keas on the caravans just outside the cafe and they were happily and innocently trying to bite off the antenna





Billy’s Trek is about a 15 minutes drive from the town centre. and hiking it is very quiet and tranquil.


Next, I went to the Nature’s Trail. It is a simple 1-2 hour walk along a rather flat path amongst the bush in the mountainside. It’s quite a easy, relaxing walk.


Next, I went to the Devil’s Plungepool, it is about a 3 hour hike and I have to go up some steep steps but there was a stream along the way and it was really tranquil.






That’s all for Arthur’s Pass, please do see my posts on other towns that I have been to!

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